TERRAMETA at EuCAP 2024 in Glasgow

TERRAMETA at EuCAP 2024 in Glasgow

March 22, 2024

This year’s EuCAP saw a massive contribution from our team, showcasing the groundbreaking work being done within the TERRAMETA project. From insightful presentations to engaging discussions, our presence was truly impactful.

Here’s a list of the TERRAMETA consortium’s presentations and speakers at EuCAP 2024:

·     “Automatic Planning Algorithm of 300 GHz Backhaul Links Using Mesh Topology” (Bo Kum Jung)

·     “Performance Analysis of THz Backhaul Links Assisted by Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces” (Bo Kum Jung)

·     “1-Bit SubTHz RIS with Planar Tightly Coupled Dipoles: Beam Shaping and Prototypes” (Qi Luo)

·     “Adaptive Polynomial Chaos Expansion for Uncertainty Quantification of SubTHz Horn Antennas with Flat-Top Radiation Patterns” (Dr Yihan Ma)

·     “Irregular Subarray with Gathered Elements for Sidelobe Suppression” (Dr Yihan Ma)

·     “Improved Performance of a 1-Bit RIS by Using Two Switches per Bit Implementation” (Fábio Cardoso)

·     “Multibeam Antenna for Wide-Angle 95-Beam Coverage at Ka-Band Using a Multifocal Transmit-Array” (Sérgio Matos)

·     “Novel Risley Prism Design Approach with Improved Side Lobe Levels Using Multi-Layer Transmit-Arrays” (Sérgio Matos)

·     “Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for THz: Signal Processing and Hardware Design Challenges” (Sérgio Matos)

·     “Sub-THz Spatially Modulated Beam Splitting Reflectors for Potential RIS Implementations” (poster, Tung Phan)

The full EuCAP 2024 program can be found here.

A big congratulations to everyone involved! 👏

Here’s to the success of TERRAMETA at EuCAP 2024, and many more achievements on the horizon! 🚀