Cross-project panel session at the Hannover Messe

Cross-project panel session at the Hannover Messe

April 24, 2024

Luis Pessoa represented TERRAMETA in a 6G industry panel at the Hannover Messe on April 23. This panel session was organized together with 6G-SHINE and TIMES 6G projects to discuss the future of 6G.

The panel “Is Industry waiting for 6G?” addressed topics such as “Why are industries missing the 5G Boat?”, “Why should industries adopt 5G now?”, “What should we expect from 6G?”.

Luis Pessoa commented:

“I suggested the killer apps that will give a true impulse to 5G are XR for business applications (training, assisted maintenance, remote support), real-time AI analytics such as those based on fine-tuned LLMs running on of edge computing resources.
6G will be disruptive in the value that Sensing is expected to bring to wireless communications, in particular, by leveraging reconfigurable metasurfaces operating in the sub-THz frequency range and multimodal sensing. I emphasised these key applications for sensing: environment digital twinning for an improved awareness of the factory floor, including factory supply line monitoring and fault detection, as well as for human sensing, such as posture and hand gesture recognition.”